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Dodge W200

Dodge W200

so last year i started a bigger company. this year i needed a bigger truck, so here it is!!! LOL


i always was looking for a solid W200 pick up. but never came across one with performance engine and desent lift. i saw this one and the deal was pretty quick made. i thought that i would give it a quick overhauling proces, but it lasted 4 months!! the more i saw, the more i wanted to do with it. its not so different from what it was, but the most time went into the FITMENT proces of all the body parts. the already custom bumpers i gave it some more edge. and i lifted the suspension some more


its something completly different from my other projects. but i hope you guys like it just as much




(next build will take some time, I’m pretty much BROKE!!!)
till next time
Marc Joostem
Dreamworks Car Tuning


Dodge W200
year 1977
360 v8 engine 6 liter
suspension and body lift (trailmaster)
cherry bomb excaust system
ex army model 088
customized bumpers and bar
roof spoiler
extra gages on dash
16 inch widened steel 14j
36” tires


……and much more I forgot
Motor V8
Motorcode LA
Brandstof Benzine
Aandrijving 4WD
Transmissie Handmatig, 5 versnellingen