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BMW 3-serie (E21)

BMW 3-serie (E21)

first of all i want to thank all the nice comments and many ”likes” on my last post. i appreciate it! it makes all the work and struggles building this project worth while. this is the Final Shoot!!


well, i pretty mutch went all out on this one. no limit to budget, time or efford. it was a car that i bought from a client of mine. i already worked on it once. he loved the e21 3 series and owned many. i love the e21 just as much, because wenn you put in the time, then it will even look better than an e30 (in my humble oppinion). more racing looking. so wenn he asked me if i was interested to buy it, i did not need to think about it.


my most favorite part of customizing a car, is cleaning the engine bay. its not done that much in the car building community. all electric and reservoirs are put in the trunk. i also went with a ITB system. love the look and sound/performance that goes with it. its a KMS product. it still has to be tuned on DYNO, but then it should make 230 plus horsepower. i left the M20 engine in it. its a 2.8 liter straight six. and belongs to the oldscool look i was after. there was also done alot to the body of the car. cleaned it from trim. made the wheelarces bigger, and a lot of custom homebuild stuff. like front slpitter and back ducktail spoiler. BBS RS 3 piece wheels all around. in 9.5j front and 11,5j times 16 inch at the back. bumpers clean, and full racing cage, Sparco gutted interior. circuit bucket seats installed. color is actually grey, but the bleu pearl comes out in the sun. coilover suspension all around (custom made) and a Inox steel excaust system. there is much more to tell about this build, but i gues you will read it soon enough in a BMW tuning magazine in stores near you. till next time!!!


-BMW E21 323i (on paper)
-year of production 1978
-engine M20 2.8l staight six
-wheels BBS RS 3 piece. 9,5 and 11,5 times 16 inch
-color grey. with a bleu pearl
-KMS throttle body system
-spaghetti headers
-AP coilover suspension
-fully restored exterior. (check former posts)
-front splitter custom
-back ducktail spoiler custom
-bumpers cleaned
-emblems cleaned
-doorlocks cleaned
-bigger wheelarces all around
-smoke headlichts and blinkers
-Sparco circuit bucket seats
-wiechers cage
-OMP steer
-Warsteiner/ BMW motorsport lettering
and much more…………….
Marc Joosten
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